This  Week's Featured Artist

August - 2017

Jane Ramsey

   “I find such joy in plein air painting. Drawn to the emotion of scenes infused with light, shadow and color, I am compelled to paint the vanishing landscapes, pastoral vistas, barns and farms of Bucks County. I work in watercolors and love the spontaneity and playfullness of the medium. My studio is the outdoors and my love for plein air goes back to my childhood when I spent hours outside with my sketchbook. The sensory experience of painting right in the setting is exhilarating. There are magical moments where I am privileged to witness nature and all of God’s creation. I’m drawn to the history of these Bucks County farms and the stories that silently wait to be revealed. I reflect on those who have come before to build these barns and work the land. I think about the lives lived and the many harvests throughout the farm’s lifetime. These quiet

acts of observation afford special opportunities to discover the extraordinary in what might otherwise appear ordinary. I am incredibly blessed to follow my passion and paint my special home, my Bucks County.”