This  Month's Featured Artist

July - 2017

Don Berk

  Don Berk is a non-objective and abstract expressionist painter. His sculpture, Donna, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman, a torso created in clay and cast in plaster, recently took 3rd place honors in the 2012 Bucks County Sculpture Show. 

  Don studied drawing at the Art Students League under Marshall Glasier and also developed his painting and sculpture styles there. Don later earned his Master’s at NYU, studying painting with Don Eddy, one of New York City’s foremost photo-realists. He also pioneered video portraiture, a conceptual art form, which focused more on “how” rather than “what” the subject said – a self conscious portrait on who rather than what one is.  

After graduation, Don worked as a New York City artist – selling non-objective expressionistic paintings, commissioned sculptures, and video portraits. Video developed into a fulltime calling as he became an award-winning writer, producer, director for a variety of companies.  Don’s specialty was pulling authentic and effective performances out of executives. He continues to consult, lecture, conduct seminars and workshops, and coach individuals to become more persuasive and engaging speakers – both in the US and internationally. 

  Some early works in this show feature his non-objective expressionist paintings, which evoke the feelings of our seasons. Some are soft and free flowing to suggest a gentle alliance. Others are hard to suggest a seasonal assault. More recent works are abstract landscape as Don finds his way back to non-objective themes. All are acrylic on canvass. 

  Don gives back to his community as a second term Councilperson in Doylestown, where he chairs the Environment & Recreation Committee and serves on the Water, Personnel, and Community & Government Affairs Committees. 

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