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February - 2018

B A Stoll

A New York City native presently living in Perkasie, PA, B. A. Stoll paints brilliantly vivid paintings inspired by her time spent both in cities and in the countryside of PA, each one demonstrating the too short but bright instances of life, glimpsed from Stoll’s individual perspective.  She was a playwright and actor for many years prior to studying art.  In that interval, she wrote and illustrated a children’s book, “The Little Child in the Sky”, put out by Excalibur Publishing.   She has a BFA Honors Degree in Visual Arts from SUNY College at Old Westbury and hopes her work provokes her audience to share a different outlook.  

Her carefully intricate compositions arrive from numerous influences, and as her canvas dimensions get bigger, so does the looseness of her style, featuring enormous cityscapes, sweeping views of bandshells, harbors, and scenery for racing animals.  Her work strives to generate a discussion about ways of looking and our connection with the habitats in which we reside.


Ms. Stoll has made drawings for newspapers and magazines, and has exhibited at many gallery spaces along the East Coast, including Ripe Art Gallery in New York, Sidetracks Gallery in New Hope, libraries, bookstores and restaurants.


Since 2014, Ms. Stoll has been the co-owner of Chimayo Gallery in Perkasie, PA.

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