This  Week's Featured Artist

September - 2017

Steve Alpert

     Putting paint on canvas is everything to me. The images I make in oil paint are my ambassadors of love, honor and respect for all life.

     The surface of the canvas is the focal point of my hopes, dreams, aspirations. It is that precise place in the physical world where I express my deepest passions for the beauty of this Earth. Communicated through the layers of ground-up minerals are images that bring honor and respect to the lionhearted individuals who serve others, extolling the virtues of ordinary people who deliberately put themselves into extraordinary circumstances.             The pursuit of making paintings is my safe and unsafe place all

rolled into one life experience that requires constant reinventing to get my arms around. It is peace and sometimes war, but always home. It is at once romantic and free, yet technical, precise. Making paintings captures me sometimes like a prisoner and at the same time frees me like a soaring eagle. Outside of my family, painting is everything to me.

     Although through painting I am allowed to time travel to the past and to the future, the act of applying paint via brush to canvas always requires that you to be strictly and totally in the moment.  The entire process draws me like a flower to sunshine.